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Remove that Stucco... Like, Now (2018 Special)

Reasons for Immediate Removal of Popcorn Ceilings It's more than just a texture... It's a potential health hazard! Records have it that the use of popcorn ceiling is be dated back to 1930’s . Many houses built in this period, 1930 through 1990’s had popcorn ceilings until it got to a point in 1977 when government knew about the bad side of the asbestos and was left with no other option but to ban it. Either popcorn ceiling or acoustic ceiling or textured ceiling, it is the same cottage cheesy ceiling. Inhaling large volume / quantity of dust from this type ceiling has some severe side effect on health. It can cause lung disease and some other side effect. This actually contributed enormously towards the reasons for massive removal of the asbestos in places of residence. The ceiling was trashed out in many countries, but considering the economic instability and in a way not to further aggravate economic hardship for both sellers and consumers, those not yet sold w
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Barricade Host - Security and Stability

For Immediate Release: June 24, 2016 Contact: Dan Krulikoski AVOID ATTACKERS, HACKERS, AND MALWARE ISSUES WITH ‘BARRICADE.HOST’ Barricade Host, a comprehensive security featured website hosting company designed to bring businesses, no matter their size, some protection and sustainable security in the face of hackers, viruses, malware dilemmas and more, continues to provide business owners nationwide with some peace of mind when conducting online transactions and maintaining a web presence. Born from the frustration of incessant fighting against hackers and attackers from typical hosting companies, Barricade Host was created to provide a reliable, safe space for any sized business. “There are unfortunately numerous forms of attackers, viruses, etc. out there today, all wanting to tear down carefully built up online platforms,” said Dan Krulikoski, Founder and Owner of Barricade Host. “Our goal is provide an added layer of security for businesses who have been constantly attac

I'm Looking for a Boot Camp in Toronto

Enough Simple Yoga - Step it Up Personal Trainers For 4 years I've had a personal trainer from Toronto come to my home every other day. It's been great, but really it shouldn't be taking THIS long for results. I think the fact that he relies on yoga and non impact exercises leads to a lack of fundamental change and pressures needed to manifest actual changes in my body. Upgrade Your Daily Routine For a new personal trainer, I'm looking for the high spirit an energy that's needed to take my transformation to the next level. Sure, I may have been ' maintaining ' myself before, but I wasn't making any leaps or bounds. For this whole thing to work for me, I think it needs to be known up front how exactly the training and fitness routines will progress. No more dainty 'workouts' or 'no sweat' visits, I'm talking high impact and drenched style training and workouts - Toronto will not know what hit it when I'm done! Calling up

Burlington Living

My Life in Burlington Burlington Transit Overpass I live in a small 2 bedroom house in Burlington, Ontario . In my city you'll find a great assortment of amenities often no more than a 10 minute walk away . I am pleased, and always have been pleased with just about everything about Burlington. There's little concern regarding crime or natural disasters. Everything seems to carry on as if there isn't a care in the world, almost as the epitome of modern western living. From my Burlington home, which I may plan to list for sale in the coming year , I can reach the grocery store, school and general shopping centre (often known as the mall) by simply walking or by using the Bus that Burlington city has provided for the residents of the area. This convenience of amenities is part of the reason this city has such a thriving commercial real estate sector. The routes to get to each business are loaded with public transit and two way roads. For mortgage matters in Burling

Desk Pads for The Office

An exciting new website has just emerged on the internet to provide desk pad protection for all of your desks across North America. Desks are a marvelous invention, and being a top of the line modern technical creation, they require a certain amount of protection to last a lifetime. Desk Pads: How They Help A desk pad is designed to not only protect the desk surface but also provide a comfortable surface for desk top activities such as writing, drawing, coloring, crafts and more. Making these desk based activities comfortable is just further proof that owning a desk pad is a double win for the purchaser. As you are combining protection with comfort, buying a desk pad appears to be the choice of champions and winners. Where to buy a Desk Pad ? Check out the Pad, for all your desk protection needs!

Superior Electrical Contractor

My Big Construction Project Requirements for a qualified and certified electrical contractor from the Hamilton area. I have a condo development under construction on the west side of downtown Hamilton, and ran into a bit of a snag. My previous electrical contractor , whom I had hired from OUTSIDE of the Hamilton area, had lost his licence and is no longer able to provide electrical contracting services to my site. With the advent of this situation, I've come to need the help of a locally (Hamilton) based electrical contractor .  It is my hopes that hiring locally will prevent any great loss of extra expense or time due to travel from the outside communities. Plus, I feel much more comfortable with contractors who are local, as they would feel the need to maintain a heightened level of loyalty and satisfaction with the fact that their electrical contracting work is being displayed in their home town of Hamilton. I found ElectroStar Group on Yelp , and so far, they see

Brantford Cleaning Services Needed: Help

SERIOUS PROBLEM AT HAND: My home in Brantford is in need of some serious cleaning services! I can not believe how quickly the mess has piled up, and quite frankly, I don't want to tackle this cleaning task myself! NO WAY SIR: I used to be able to keep my home in very good condition, but since I moved to Brantford, for whatever reason I cannot keep the dust from settling, or the floors from uglifying (yes that's a word... NOW). My final determination is that I need to hire a cleaning service, plain and simple. I do feel a bit strange calling up a company, and saying "Hey, umm, clean my house, I'm in Brantford, thanks." You see what I mean - It feels silly! THEN AGAIN... Then again, they ARE a cleaning service, so it must be what they are expecting. I relate it to when you go to a doctor and you have this natural apprehension. OH NO, the doctor is going to see me... Then upon later reflection, you realize that he is a doctor, and has probably seen fa